Descrizione Progetto


  • Brand: GOURMET
  • Category: Petfood
  • Market: Europe
  • CATEGORY: Packaging / BTL / POS
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Purina EMENA decides to launch a new sub-brand of GOURMET (cat wet petfood) with unique recipes, 100% with natural ingredients: GOURMET Nature’s Creations.

For the first inspirational stage to engage the European markets we have designed not only a BTL and POS toolkit for the launch but also the visual identity for the first 2 references of the range: Sauce in stick (snack) and raw Mini-Filets.

The pack-concept we designed captures in a simple yet effective way the 2 key messages of Nature’s Creations:

  • Naturalness of the ingredients, enhanced by premium still-life shots on a white marble desk (modern and pure).

  • Superior Taste, through way of presenting the final product recalling an haute-cuisine style, in line with the GOURMET brand mood.