Project Description


  • Brand: San Pellegrino

  • Category: Beverage

  • Market: International

  • CATEGORY: Structural & Packaging design

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The cluster box (not the single bottle) is the sale unit in the USA market for S.Pellegrino. Thus the cluster carton box is the first packaging getting in contact with the US consumer in-store. Nevertheless, it presented some serious limits:

  •  structural, protection and resistance issues;

  • poor graphic design

Through seamless teamwork with the Factory, Repro-house and Printer we designed a new octagonal cutter with rounded edges for a more modern, distinctive and functional (even more resistant) design.

The chosen graphic design presents the following features:

  • Texture background with Thermae image to enhance visibility on shelf and to emphasize the unique historical and geographical values of the S.Pellegrino brand. 

  • Iconic shot of the bottle to inject strength and authenticity to the visual. Placed right on the rounded edge so that it is recognizable coming from the aisle.

  • Blue band to create a strong contrast from the shelf and to protect the carton from the dirty occurred during movement. 

Last but not least, we supported the client during the printing setting stage to ensure the quality of the final result, before launching the production.