Brand Identity

The very heart of the brand, which is capable of attracting both consumers and customers by arousing their excitement and desires via images, fonts, messages and colour.

Packaging Design

the brand’s outfit and the means by which the product communicates directly with the customer during the course of the purchasing process. In amongst the chaos of life on a store shelf, a product’s packaging must be able to draw customer attention, communicate the product’s USP (I suggest an internal link to Wikipedia, which is much appreciated by Google, ed.), persuade the consumer and eventually become an icon in their lives.

Shape Design

Yes, because the product experience is sensory as well as practical and is not only about how it looks, but also about how it feels and about what the product is able to transmit during the user experience. For this reason, our team utilises the skills of a structural designerwho takes care of the engineering aspects of the packaging and follows the production process step by step in order to ensure a perfect outcome. This is because every little detail can make a difference.

Concept Design

Whether it be for the launch of a new product or the start of a new sales campaign, we assist our customers right from the initial concept design phase, when the product does not yet exist and all there is on the table is information to be analysed, ideas to be brought into focus, theories to be confirmed and consumers to be targeted, attracted and persuaded.

Key Visual

It may be a prototype of a creative concept to be presented or the local adaptation of a campaign, but in any event we can provide excellent Key visuals on a variety of different aids to satisfy even the most varied requirements, including graphics, photographs and 3D renderings.


Visibility within the sales outlet, fliers, brochures, catalogues, leaflets, displays, totems. Our team has a wealth of skills at its disposal in terms of offering top quality creative solutions for all of the touchpoints in the advertising process and ensuring that the visual identity and the message are always loud, clear and cohesive.

Video & Digital

We provide a full video project service. Creative ideas, storyboards, scripts, 2D and 3D video animation, filming, post production and video editing, TV spots and online ads with all the possible variants for the social network formats, from static images through to dynamic images by means of brief customised creations.